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Universal Zoom

All about Sizes and Distances
Universal Zoom iOS app preview
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Explore the notion of
Size and Scale

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Objects with high-resolution and short information

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Compare how many times one object fits into another

The educational app for kids and grown-ups

Universal Zoom app provides you with a super-power of seeing the invisible and incomparable! You can discover the world around you, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the most prominent space structures known to science. Learn about the units of measurement (metric & imperial) easily and intuitively. Let the Universal Zoom app be your guide to the fascinating world of science!

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Discover the Universe

Starting from the objects that surround you every day, the things that you can see and some of them even touch, you will move through dozens of objects from tiny subatomic particles and small atoms to distant stars and spanless Observable Universe.

We implemented smooth controls and we support intuitive gestures that will help you enjoy the adventure of exploring. 

Universal Zoom Discover Feature Planets View

Learn about Measurements

Universal Zoom app is a unique learning tool that doesn't have any analogs today. One of its major features is the ability to choose the measurement units that fit only you. With simple structure, you can learn all about sizes, distances, and units of measurement both metric and imperial.

Universal Zoom Measurements Feature Mountains View

Compare Mode

Have fun! This is our moto. By creating Universal Zoom we tried to deliver one of the most curious experiences for kids and adults of all ages - comparison.

We truly believe that a comparison of any two objects is the best way to comprehend the size of the objects that are beyond our vision.

It’s breathtaking for all ages and experience levels!

Universal Zoom Compare Feature Viruses view
Universal Zoom uses stunning graphics

Stunning Graphics

Universal Zoom offers metric and imperial units of measurement

Metric & Imperial Units

Universal Zoom allows to compare any two objects

Compare any two objects

Universal Zoom has embedded quick wiki access

Quick Wiki Access

Universal Zoom presents more than 200 objects

More than 200 objects

Universal Zoom supports audio narration

Audio Narration

Universal Zoom deliveres fascinating facts

Fascinating Facts

Universal Zoom has no ads

No Ads

Fun time with Universal Zoom

Fun Time

What experts think

“With this educational app, the whole family can go on a scientific expedition.”


"This app is a must-have for teachers and parents of all ages. Get them interested in science, help them understand the relative size, and have fun exploring how everything compares."


"This fascinating tool, which can help kids visualize the scale and vastness of the universe, has plenty of potential for classroom use."

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Andrey Perelman Co-Founder and iOS Developer

Andrey Perelman

Co-Founder and iOS Developer

Runs the company with beliefs in apps that make our life better.
Creative, versatile, passionate to develop high-quality products with value, crazy about R&D, science, and new technologies.

Oksana Perelman Co-Founder and UX/UI Designer

Oksana Perelman

Co-Founder and UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer, graphic, and

brand designer. Controls every visual context and makes that everything feels and looks good for the consumer.

The Perelmans

Kids team

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With a high ability to crash the software, they find the "sneaky" bugs in any app. 
Driven by thousands of questions, they can discover the cases of almost every problem.


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