Measurement for kids: learning through visualization

One of the main complicity of our days being the parents is ability to visualize for our kids the things that actually can’t be visualized. You do remember the days when you were trying to answer on million questions to your little one? You do remember yourself at school listening your Math teacher and trying to understand a measurement unit: millimeter, centimeter, meter and kilometer? You surely can look back at the time when you were curious about undiscovered and wonder things of the Space and realized there is more and more measurement units exist in the Universe. And once again this things we can’t touch, smell or see, but they exist and to learn about them can be fun!


“Measurement? Why it’s supposed to be fun? What can we do with measurement? Oh, it’s so boring!!!!”


We’ve all heard these types of explanations from our kids. They don’t want to spend a sec for something that exists and doesn’t.  And today we want to break this stereotype and direct it to the right direction.

Hurry up! Take your device and bring the Universal Zoom app up! Scroll through its objects. You see some transparent squares, right?  These are the centimeter, meter and kilometer and etc. Now look what can you do to make the measurement learning fun!




These measurement units are typically the most difficult part to understand for kids. See what happened when you compare one unit with another one. The narration voice will say the number of the small objects including in one big. The short description helps to explain the meaning of each unit in easiest way.


“The narration voice and short description completes the knowledge”


You may think: “That’s boring, my kids won’t play with it. Just a squares”. But the real magic starts when your kid explores comparison of the measurement units with other objects presented in the app. Try to put the “meter” and “Tesla model S” or the “meter” and “The Largest  Bacteria”.
As you can see at this moment there is no limit to your child’s fantasy. This is what attracts your kids to learn more and more the measurement units.





Don’t stop here! Explore with your kids! Start guessing game and see if the others will be able to estimate the right number.

Video interview with kids (optional)

Going further we want you to look how the teachers around the world use the Universal Zoom in their teaching practice. Click here to see the article.

The learning measurement with Universal Zoom could be fun for whole family. Your kids like to share their knowledge with you, don’t they?
So discover wonderful world around us and stay curious!