Universal Zoom is featured by Apple and “FREE FOR A WEEK” campaign results.

These days it is not enough just to write great code, you have to find a way show people it’s great. There are many high quality apps buried in the app store, on the other side there are also lots of apps making lots of money with buggy and badly written code. The difference between these two apps has nothing to do with content. The only difference is the time and effort their developers put into marketing and getting them in front of people and onto their phones.

In this post we want to conclude the results and consequences of the “FREE FOR A WEEK” campaign that hold place in the beginning of April (about 2 months ago).

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Universal Zoom new features: integrated Wikipedia + new comparison possibilities

Update 1.3 is on the App Store!

Woohoo! The third update has been finally approved by Apple after almost 2 weeks waiting!

Why so long? A week ago the new update was rejected because we included Universal Zoom to the “Made For Kids” category  without implementing “Parental Gates”. Ok, it’s “our bad”. 🙂 We deselected the app from “Made For Kids” category and resubmitted it immediately back to the App Store. It appeared that we had to wait another week for the app being reviewed.

OK, Let’s talk about the new cool features of the update 1.3. We listen to what our customers say in their comments and reviews and we try to enhance Universal Zoom app accordingly.

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Universal Zoom app for iPhone is here and “Free-for-a-Week” campaign.

Universal Zoom app for iPhone is here.

Last week Apple approved our second update of Universal Zoom and now it is available for iPhone and iPod Touch in addition to iPad.

Universal Zoom app icon update 1.2

Universal Zoom, update 1.2 is here

What’s new in update 1.2

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Universal Zoom app first update is here.

Yesterday (Tue, March 4th) we submitted the first update of Universal Zoom app to the App Store. It should be reviewed by Apple and will be available for you hopefully till the end of this week. If you still don’t have Universal Zoom click on the “Download on the App Store” button below.

So, what’s inside the update?

Universal Zoom app first update includes:

  • 25 new objects. Most of them are really small 🙂
  • Reminder to rate the app. We need your ratings and reviews on the App Store! We implemented the logic that reminds the user to rate our app but not too frequently (we don’t want to be annoying).
  • Some minor corrections.
Electron is the last!

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Plans to promote Universal Zoom app on the App Store

 Building a great product or service, no matter how strong your belief,
will not magically draw people in like “Field of Dreams.”

We are totally agree with this saying.

App Store has about 1,000,000 apps divided into two groups: an ocean of paid apps and a second even bigger ocean of free or freemium apps. It doesn’t matter if your app is paid or free, you start from the bottom of one of the oceans.  Apple’s algorithms are based on many parameters like number of downloads, users satisfaction, etc. So, the first mission is to increase the number of downloads and of course the number of (positive) users ratings. Meantime we heard just very positive feedbacks from the people that have already tried Universal Zoom. We hope the future users will be satisfied as well.

Apple said “just build a cool app…” but… in any case people have to know that it is cool. In the beginning any app needs an initial push… or several of them.

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We opened a Blog

We opened a blog where we will write about our app(s), our progress and our thoughts.

To celebrate this event with our followers we decided to share 20 promotional codes for FREE downloading of Universal Zoom app for iPad. Read details below.

Have a nice week.

GamifyIt team.

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