“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

Albert Einstein

GamifyIt is an independent studio located in Toronto, Canada. We strive to create high-quality GAMIFYING  educational apps for kids and grown ups that bring value, ignite the curiosity and make the learning process entertaining and fun.


Our mission

An amazing feature of the human brain is not to burden memory with boring information. An event tends to stay in our long-term memory when it is accompanied by strong emotions. We work hard to organize a lot of information in a compact, visual and intuitive way in order to create high-quality gamifying educational products that make learning engaging and effortless for everybody.


Meet Our Team

Andrey Perelman
Founder and iOS Developer
Oksana Perelman
UX/UI Designer
Runs the company with beliefs in apps that make our life better.
Creative, versatile, passionate to develop high-quality products with value, crazy about R&D, science, and new technologies.
UX/UI Designer, graphic and brand designer.
Controls every visual context and makes that everything feels and looks good for the consumer.


Our App

Universal Zoom is a unique educational app designed to let you explore and experience the notions of SIZE and SCALE.

It has been featured by Apple in the Nature Guides on the AppStore.

“This is the real magic of the app.”

“With this educational app, the whole family can go on a scientific expedition.”

“Universal Zoom is a neat iPad app designed to show students scales of size and distance.”